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Mexico can be anything you want it to be. It’s home to a multi-billion dollar tourism industry well-equipped to meet your every whim. If your ideal dream vacation includes exploring old Mayan ruins or pampering yourself with a Mayan massage, Mexico has you covered. From swimming and snorkeling in Xcaret to zip lining through the cloud forests, Mexico has just about everything that adrenaline junkies and eco-friendly lovers would want too. However, if you’d rather laze on a palm-studded beach, Mexico can provide that as well. And, if you want a high-energy, luxury experience complete with nightclubs, delicious restaurants and a hotel staff waiting to pamper you hand and foot, then we’ve got one-word for you: Mexico. Everyone who visits Mexico comes home with their own unique set of memories. Go ahead. Isn't it time to start making the memories you've always wanted?  

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Mapping Out Mexico

Why is Mexico everything to everyone? A quick visit to the east coast sums it up. Cancun’s got nightlife and a party scene while Cozumel offers outdoor adventure like diving and snorkeling. The west coast has even more to boast. Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta both offer beaches, world-class hotels and great golf courses, making them perfect family vacation spots. However, adventure-minded travelers will want to head to either Mazatlan to explore historic ruins or Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, which has a similar vibe, but with the feel of an upscale city. And for the escapist, Huatulco and Manzanillo boast virtually untouched natural beauty. While each destination is uniquely different, they all have their own special way of showing you the magic of Mexico.

Xplore Xcaret

Ready for a family-friendly adventure? Visiting Xcaret is like going to an adventure park and having a history lesson all at once. Once a Mayan port for departures to Cozumel, Xcaret has now transformed into an exciting archaeological nature park. Visitors can learn about the area’s ecology and history while relaxing on the white-sand beach, swimming with friendly dolphins or simply wandering through the lush jungle-shrouded trails. While there’s a lot to see here, just make sure to bring your camera so you can relive the fun whenever you want. 

Xcaret in Mexico
Xel Ha in Mexico

See the Place Where Water Is Born

Maybe this isn’t really the place where water is born, but that’s what the ancient people called it. Take a trip back in time to Xel-Ha so you can see exactly what possessed the Mayans to give this place such a legendary name. Xel-Ha is an incredible, natural aquarium where the ocean and freshwater currents splash together to form breathtaking springs and glowing rivers. This particular rush of water has formed a fascinating sight that’s just as beautiful as it was when it donned its name thousands of years ago. 


If you'd rather enjoy a laid back trip to Xel-Ha, grab an intertube and enjoy a free float down the subterranean rivers for the time of your "natural" life. 

Say "Amen" in Style at Mazatlan Cathedral

Even if you aren’t a religious person, you’ll admire this lovely Cathedral for its high, yellow towers, gothic interior and beautiful statues. The Mazatlan Cathedral is one of the most stunning churches in Mexico and has become somewhat of a pilgrimage site for Catholics from around the world. If you love history, you'll be excited to know that the Mazatlan Cathedral is an important historical and archeological site too. When you visit, you’ll learn about Mexico’s deeply religious faith and how old towns were anchored around churches just like this. Summed up best, Mazatlan Cathedral is a history lesson, architectural exploration and religious experience all in one.

Mazatlan Cathedral in Mexico
Huatulco in Mexico

Hu-at Did You Say? Huat-ulco!

While it isn't easy to reach (or even say) as other Mexican destinations, Huatulco is a rare gem that provides a unique opportunity to experience the untamed natural beauty of Mexico. It has not one, not two, but 36 incredible beaches that are ready to explore! The beaches are spread across nine sparkling bays complete with warm, turquoise water lapping at their golden sands.


Sounds amazing right? The thrills don't stop there! In Huatulco, you can discover secret coves and lagoons sprinkled throughout the bays. With much of the tourism industry carefully shrouded in the natural landscape, it's easy to see why Huatulco is the Western Hemisphere’s first and most popular eco-tourism city around. Needless to say, if you need to get away from lights and sounds of the city, Huatulco is a must-see for those who want to reconnect with nature.

Meet the Mayans

While you might not actually meet the Mayans, you’ll feel as though you did when you visit Cancun. Wait, isn't Cancun supposed to be party central? Well, it is, but there is a lot more waiting for curious travelers in Cancun.


While Spring Break may be the first thing you think of when it comes to Cancun, the illustrious Mayan culture is Cancun's true crowning glory. The aura of mystery and majesty still lingers around many of the Mayan archaeological sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba while the comforts of modern luxury await nearby. Whether or not you've come to Cancun to party, it's hard to ignore the influence of Mayan culture has upon Cancun today. If you're looking to experience a fusion of the old world peppered with modern amenities, Cancun is the destination for you!

Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Mexico Quick Facts



The official language of Mexico is Spanish, but many in the tourism industry speak English.



The official currency is the peso, but USD is also accepted.



The standard electricity supply is 110 volts with two-prong outlets



All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Mexico.


Drinking Water

To be safe, drink and brush your teeth with bottled water only.


Peak Season

The peak travel season for Cancun runs from December to April.




High* Low* Precip.*
January 81°F 67°F 3.8 in.
February 82°F 68°F 4.8 in.
March 84°F 71°F 2 in.
April 85°F 73°F 6.8 in.
May 88°F 77°F 8.2 in.
June 89°F 78°F 14.9 in.
July 90°F 78°F 5.7 in.
August 90°F 77°F 4.8 in.
September 89°F 76°F 14.2 in.
October 87°F 74°F 3.7 in.
November 84°F 72°F 3.5 in.
December 82°F 69°F 2.5 in.

*Historical averages.