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Gorgeous beaches, rainforests, old forts and coral reefs make Grenada a little piece of land with a lot to offer. Beaches such as Grand Anse, Magazine or Sandy Island are splendid examples of Caribbean sand and surf. Inland, the Grand Etang National Park, with its waterfalls and wildlife, is a prime eco-attraction. And historical sites, such as forts, churches, plantations, nutmeg cooperatives and others are plenty. Grenada also boasts sporting events, dive excursions, cultural celebrations, and other attractions—these islands waste no space, so don’t waste any time enjoying them!

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Mapping Out Grenada

The 3 islands of Grenada get progressively smaller and more secluded. Grenada is the main island, the busiest in terms of people and tourist attractions. It’s got beaches, forests and tons of cultural sites. This island is also home to the biggest resorts. Carriacou, the very quiet neighbor of Grenada, has a population of 6,000 and offers a tranquil getaway for those on an extended stay. Though there are a handful of resorts, daytrips to the island are more popular. Petite Martinique is the even smaller, quieter, other neighbor of Grenada. This island serves almost exclusively as a day trip destination. It is only 10 minutes from the main island so you can take a short boat ride and explore the pristine beaches. There’s an island for everyone here.

Underwater Explosion!

The seabed around these islands is bursting with sights. Reefs, marine life, cliffs, underwater sculptures and even Kick-‘em Jenny, an active, underwater volcano all populate Grenada's submarine environment.


Kick-‘em Jenny is off the coast of Carricou. The volcano helps the sea life thrive. Vibrant reefs house many different kinds of fish and marine creatures.  Carricou also offers access to some really spectacular diving off of Molinere Point. 


Off Grenada, you can find Molinere Reef which features a sea wall that plunges to a depth of 65 feet. Molinere also hosts more than 55 underwater, life-sized sculptures that serve as an artificial reef. Coral grows on and in the sculptures for a surreal, yet oddly beautiful effect. The Bianca C, a cruise ship that sank in the 1960s is also off the coast of Grenada. You'll find tons of fascinating scuba sites to explore here.


Kick 'em Jenny is an underwater volcano in Grenada.
Waterfall in Grenada

Fall for the Falls

The Concord and Annandale Falls near St. George are beautiful and relaxing retreats. Whether your a lounger or an adventurer, you find a waterfall to fall for.


Concord Falls is a series of three waterfalls a few miles north of St. George. The first is easily accessible from the road, and you can sometimes swim under the deluge. To reach the other two, you’ll hike for about an hour on a trail through a nature preserve. The third fall is particularly stunning, as water plummets 65 feet into the pool below.


Also close to St. George is Annandale Falls. Here, water cascades 40 feet into a swimmable pool. The path to the pool is paved, and a trail leads to the top of the waterfall. Exotic foliage surrounds the pool and waterfall, making this a popular spot to spend an afternoon picnicking and swimming.


I Feel Nice, Like...

Sugar and spice are very important in Grenada. From culture to cuisine to economy, the spices Grenadine farmers harvest influence the daily life on this small, volcanic island. So your trip won't be complete without a visit to a couple of the places where all this sweet, spicy magic happens.


Head to Gouyave and Grenville to tour the nutmeg processing facilities. Take in the intoxicating smells as you learn about nutmeg and its uses and see the workers sift through, sort and package the crop. At Laura Herb & Spice Garden, you’ll tour the grand 6-acre facility, learning about the many herbs and spices of Grenada. The long list includes cinnamon, clove, cocoa, nutmeg, pimiento, turmeric and more. Spice it up!

Sugar and spice are important crops in Grenada.
Grand Etang National Park & Nature Preserve in Grenada.

National Parks

For you eco-enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, Grand Etang National Park & Nature Preserve is heaven. The park protects, among many different species of plants and animals, Grand Etang Lake, which fills an extinct volcano crater. Grenada's rich soil leads to an array of plants and animals, and the park trails lead you through dramatic landscape of mountains, streams and lakes.


Explore miles of hiking trails, and discover memorable vistas from lookouts around the park. Search for the colorful avian inhabitants of this bird sanctuary. Or grab your rod and cast away in the fishing streams. Before you go, visit the Forest Center to learn about the park and the life within. That should scratch your eco-itch for a while.

War and Peace in St. George

Grenada's history twists and turns through war and prosperity, and that long path leaves us with some beautiful architecture. St. George is the site of two fascinating forts and two charming churches.


Fort George overlooks St. George harbor, and it was built in 1705 by French colonial forces. It’s now open to the public to visit. Fort George also serves as a police headquarters, so don't misbehave. Fort Frederick provides a sweeping view of part of Grenada and the inland side of the harbor.


St. George’s Methodist and St. George’s Catholic churches are both beautiful, dating to the early 19th century. The Methodist church is older, but the Catholic church’s gothic tower is the city’s most visible landmark.


St. George in Grenada

Grenada Quick Facts






Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC)



220 V/50 cycles – US plugs require an adapter.



All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Grenada.


Drinking Water

Tap water is chlorinated


Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)


Peak Season

January - April


High* Low* Precip.*
January 81°F 76°F 2.1 in.
February 82°F 76°F 1.4 in.
March 83°F 77°F 1.7 in.
April 84°F 78°F 1.2 in.
May 85°F 80°F 1.8 in.
June 85°F 81°F 5.2 in.
July 85°F 80°F 5.6 in.
August 85°F 80°F 5.6 in.
September 85°F 79°F 4.8 in.
October 85°F 79°F 5.5 in.
November 83°F 79°F 6.7 in.
December 82°F 77°F 5.1 in.

*Historical averages.